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as for (myself): concerning, with respect to, taking about (myself)
prepositional phrase
As for Horatio, tell him that I'll talk to him later.


  • "As for crashing into the ocean, it's something I'd like to avoid."
  • "As for your sexist comments, I am willing to consider them as jokes made in poor taste in the heat of the moment."
  • "As for your dog Stink, I can prove he's crazy."
  • "As for myself, I'm still suffering from a head cold."
  • "As for the area around the building's entrance, I am pretty confident that the bike is resting on public property."
  • "As for the fragrance, I'm no expert, but it smells similar enough to merit a closer analysis from our experts."
  • "As for the recent drop of Delavigne sales in your stores, I doubt it's related to our brand name."
  • "As for nap time, I'm afraid I remain unconvinced of its efficacy."
  • "Lawyer : As for the tax evasion, I've made an appointment with the best accountant in town tomorrow at 10.00 am, at the Delavigne Corporation."
  • "As for being close to public transport, I don't think it could have been any closer to the railroad tracks."

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