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as soon as (possible): in the least amount of time, at the first opportunity, when (possible), immediately
As soon as is used in the same way as "when", mainly in phrases in the future tense (agreement of the tenses in the present):

As soon as you are finished working, we will have lunch. Let me know when you are done and we will go straight to the canteen.

Watch out for the agreement of the tenses:

We will proceed as soon as Bruno gets here. Until he gets here we will sit in silence.


  • "But I think I'll come round to pick it up myself, as soon as I find my artificial leg."
  • "I will bring it back as soon as it is finished in the oven."
  • "Personally, I intend to achieve my goals as soon as humanly possible, and in one case, as soon as time travel technology permits."
  • "I'll get in touch with you as soon as I can."
  • "Bruno : Dr. Gilchrist, I arrived as soon as I could."
  • "Philip : Just as soon as I'm finished spitting this important message: "Must use toilet immediately, ate burrito for breakfast."
  • "As soon as you get this message, please meet me in my office immediately."
  • "I'm probably photocopying or making coffee at the moment, but please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I get permission to use the phone again."
  • "As soon as future medical technology has advanced, your body will be defrosted, healed and revived."

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