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an associate: a business partner, a colleague, a coworker
Let me introduce you to my business associate. I've worked with him for over 2 years now.

an associate (director): a (director's) assistant

to associate: to relate; to connect, to link, to join
I associate Ivana Bümbüm with Delavigne perfumes. There's a strong connection between the two.
I don't want to be associated with people like him. I would prefer not to have any connection with him at all.


  • "Dear valued associate"
  • "Bruno : It just so happens that Horatio and I are business associates."
  • ""Cheap", "tacky", and "gimmick" aren't words that we want to associate with the Delavigne Corporation."
  • "Today, these places are considered landmarks and represent the freedom with which San Francisco is traditionally associated."
  • "Associate Retail Manager"
  • "These days conservatives are often associated with strong religious beliefs as well."
  • "I am offering a handful of Bruno's most esteemed business associates the opportunity to come dressed as famous inmates."
  • "Cheryl : His Majesty The Sheik wants to enable all the men of his country to smell as good as he does, and to associate this scent with their sheik."
  • "The Associated Press"
  • "In the lobby you'll be met by an associate of mine."

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