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(I made my first friend) at age 18 (or "at the age of 18"): (I made my first friend) when I was 18 years old, at 18

the age: the amount of time that something or someone has existed or lived


  • "While other children played football after school, Bruno invented perfumes in his room. Bruno was sent to Paris at the age of 13 to learn the art of fragrance from his grandfather."
  • "Brent : No, actually he died of a heart attack at age 48."
  • "Today's top story: the world's oldest living man has died at age 142."
  • "At the age of 19, Xavier married his first love, Clairette Marciano."
  • "Bruno saw his first dolphin at the age of 13, while surfing in the Pacific."
  • "Donna : Oh, well according to my notes, we were discussing how lonely you were as a child because your mother didn't let you play with other children, and how you wet yourself in the school play at the age of 7."
  • "How would you like to retire at the age of 45?"
  • "Coming from a long lineage of pilots, Donny Dare's passion for flying started at the age of five, when he accompanied his father on bombing missions for the RAF during World War II."

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