Definition Audience

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an audience: a crowd, a gathering, a public

the audience (of a performance): the public, the spectators, the crowd (of a show); the people watching (a show)


  • "Ladies and gentlemen you'll never guess who's here tonight in the audience."
  • "Audience : Boo!"
  • "It was a year of thrills, laughs, suspense and drama, all directed by you, the amazing Gymglish studio audience!"
  • "Audience : Yes!"
  • "General Rainbow Child : The audience hated all my acts, Brian."
  • "I can't decide, so, I'll get some opinions from my very knowledgeable radio audience."
  • "Audience : What?"
  • "Bruno : Before we begin, I remind you that it is customary to schedule an appointment before just barging into an office and demanding an audience."
  • "The photographs, taken by current Delavigne special assistant Brian Jones, are not only titillating an audience of people with nothing better to do, but also have the potential to reflect poorly on the Delavigne Corporation."

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