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the authorities: the government, a group of people with official responsibility; the experts
The authorities have declared marshal law in the region. It was a government decision.
The doctors at the Mayo Clinic are the leading authorities on cancer research in the U.S. They are experts in their field.


  • "Kevin : But, you don't have the authority!"
  • "Authorities speculated that the group's chance for survival was "slim to none", then specified that it was closer to .006 percent."
  • "But you should know that I don't have the authority to finalize such decisions."
  • "The thing is though, the Spanish authorities are being a bit difficult."
  • "Authorities don't yet know who is behind the virus, but they do know the motive: to steal people's money."
  • "The authorities have blamed a faulty switch for the catastrophe, which will cost the state five to six million euros."
  • "Authorities are currently investigating possible links to notorious perfume magnate Kalvin Krime."

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