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available: free, accessible, ready, not busy
I'm not available at 3pm as I have a meeting. Can we meet at 4pm?

an availability: a period of time when a person is not busy, a schedule of free time
Pronunciation examples
UK: Would you be available for a meeting next week?
US: My availability is very limited: I'm a busy man.


  • "Let me just check our availability."
  • "Brian : Ms. Doleman, I've got Phillip Cheeter in Sales available to talk to you, I'll transfer your call."
  • "In the event of a delay of more than 3 hours, refreshments will be available."
  • "We will keep your CV on file and contact you if any positions become available."
  • "Art dealer : The other two are still available, though."
  • "After consulting with my team of accountants and reviewing our various accounts, I've discovered that the company has a surplus of available cash."
  • "Are you available next week for a follow-up interview?"
  • "I just wanted to follow up on our conversation yesterday, and let you know that I'll be available for a telephone interview on Tuesday of next week."
  • "- Breakfast is available at a small extra charge (£7)."
  • "As a special treat, we have an exclusive perfume range which is only available in this store."

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