Be capable of

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to be capable of: to be able to, to have the power to (do something)
I didn't know you were capable of making such a good apple pie. I'm pleasantly surprised!

capable: able, competent, adept


  • "I look forward to meeting the man capable of creating such a painting."
  • "You know with all these new corporate tax regulations and restrictions, I'm glad our accounting department, which is you, is capable of organizing our paperwork so efficiently."
  • "Accomplishment allows us to feel that we're capable of functioning within society."
  • "Brian : I didn't know he was capable of such violence."
  • "She's incredibly thorough, and very capable of putting the right spin on this situation."
  • "Miss Bliss does seem more than capable of fulfilling her duties as the director of public relations, and she even gave me a very concise explanation on rudimentary marketing strategies in foreign markets."
  • "We are capable of handling all your production very cheaply."
  • "And did you know that well-rested people are more capable of creative problem solving?"
  • "You're all capable of sorting out a printer jam on your own."
  • "As you can see, all three candidates are capable of thinking outside the box."

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