Be sure to

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be sure to (close the door): don't forget to, remember to (close the door)
Be sure to keep photocopies of the forms for your own records. Don't forget to photocopy everything.

to be sure (of sthg): to be certain, convinced (of sthg)


  • "Just be sure that you're in your office between 2:30 and 3 PM this afternoon."
  • "Bethany : Be sure to send a certified letter with a return receipt."
  • "Bruno : That's fine, Leonard, just be sure to make an appointment next time, okay?"
  • ""Money Like Runny Honey" readers love sick jokes like this - be sure to bring some to the interview!"
  • "You must be sure to try the lobster for me."
  • "I also want to be sure that it is available whenever I need it."
  • "It was so loud, though, I couldn't be sure what he was saying exactly."
  • "Sales forecasts are forecasts, no one can be sure what will happen."
  • "I'd like to be sure that our fleet has insurance coverage for all eventualities, including acts of God."
  • "Be sure to close all other applications before performing installation."

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