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beloved: loved very much, dear
noun, adjective
Note that the word 'beloved' can be pronounced with either three syllables ('be-lov-ed') or two ('be-loved').

Beloved husband, devoted father, excellent surfer... He will be missed. We all loved him very much.
Eric was an excellent teacher beloved by all those he taught over the years. All the children liked him.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Beloved husband, devoted father, excellent surfer. He will be missed.
US: This book is beloved by children everywhere.
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  • "His shop has been left to his beloved grandson, Bruno, who shares Xavier's passion for perfumes."
  • "Our beloved director of sales, and ex-president of Cheeterland, Philip Cheeter, recently completed a unique weekend seminar as part of Delavigne Corp's training program. Here's a excerpt from a recent e-mail exchange between the two of us"
  • "Gymglish user, my beloved, I love you now, always and forever."
  • "Yes, I demand recompense for the slaughter of my beloved companion, who served me so well over the years."
  • "Your beloved Ivana BümBüm has been photographed taking cocaine!"
  • "Convinced that his beloved pet goldfish 'Bubbles', a prize won at a local carnival, is in mortal peril, Thomas has quarantined Bubbles to a 6 by 6 by 6 inch glass bowl until a vaccine is discovered or doctors clear the fish for transport."

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