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a (financial) boom: a rapid (financial) expansion, increase, development, growth, boost
Strictly speaking, a boom means "a roar" or "an explosion".

We really need a property boom right now, I've been trying to sell my house for 4 years and I keep cutting the price.

There are other expressions containing boom:

a baby-boom a rapid increase in the number of babies being born
a boom and bust economy a fluctuating, unstable economy

Business is booming!: Business is going great!

(a) booming (economy): (a) very successful, flourishing, prospering (economy)


  • ""BOOM"!"
  • ""Bada bing bada boom", I'll give you a little kid in 9 months!"
  • "Buzziness is Booming"
  • "Online record shops are more and more numerous, and auction websites that sell second-hand vinyl records are booming."
  • "The outsourcing boom shows no signs of slowing: India, China and the Philippines have been targets for western businesses for some time now."
  • "Susie : As a matter of fact Philip, since you insist on making this a financial issue: immediately after the public became aware of their labor practices, their stock dropped 44% despite a booming stock market."

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