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a boost: a push, encouragement, help; an increase, a rise
I need an energy boost if I am to stay awake for the rest of the day.
We should try to give Icarus a little boost; he has been looking sad all day.
to give something a boost to give something some stimulation, a push, some encouragement

to boost: to stimulate, to develop, to raise, to increase
You need to boost your confidence to be a more effective salesman.
The success of the ad campaign really boosted our sales. After the ads went out our sales doubled!


  • "Government officials hope to boost the stagnant economy by postponing the holiday until the 31st, and thereby benefiting from increased consumer activity up until the New Year."
  • "The purpose of this party is to boost morale."
  • "Still, with the recent economic downturn following the collapse of numerous dot coms and start-ups in Silicon Valley, San Francisco has had to look elsewhere for a boost."
  • "I just needed an espresso boost."
  • "In the meantime, I'll work on ideas for the name of the new boxed set, and a sexy little packaging design to boost sales."
  • "Getting Bümbüm certainly would boost the sales of our products."

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