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the bottom (shelf): the lowest, the last, the base (shelf)
It isn't in the top drawer, nor the middle drawer, I think it must be in the bottom drawer.

the bottom (of the sea): the lowest part, the bed, the base, the floor (of the sea)
I found my wallet at the bottom of the trash can, underneath a lot of rubbish.
the bottom floor is also used to describe the "ground or first floor" of a building.

the bottom: the bum, the rear, the behind


  • "At the bottom of your advert, make sure you include."
  • "Apparently, the painting reminds him very much of his grandmother, who was also red, ugly and had your signature on her bottom."
  • "Polly : In the bottom, left-hand drawer of your desk, sir."
  • "Jean : Luna, please, I have never touched anyone's bottom. But what if someone touches me?"
  • "For the last 2 days we have had to immobilise him. He has been trying to lick his bottom, he keeps dancing to the music in his head, and worst of all, he sometimes tries to polish an imaginary teapot."
  • "Sam : Well, it's all there Bruno, I assure you, with your signature at the bottom. It seems that you did actually agree to the terms of the loans when you signed seven years ago."
  • "So he has a giant bottom, or he must measure 5 meters!"

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