Bottom line

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the bottom line (finance): the part of a financial statement that shows net income or loss
bottom line literally refers to the last thing written on a document.

-What's our bottom line this quarter? -We have lost $4,000.
Sign on the bottom line and the contract will be finalized.

the bottom line (of a discussion, of a meeting): the conclusion, the main or essential point (of a discussion, of a meeting)
I might be a little late, but the bottom line is that I will be at your party.


  • "I'm concerned about my bottom line."
  • "Icarus : Actually, Terrance, the term "bottom line" refers to the "net income" of the company, which indicates the earnings that remain after deducting taxes and other amounts."
  • "Bruno : Philip, you're concerned about our bottom line and our profit margins, and I appreciate that as well."
  • "Well, what's the bottom line then?"
  • "For young or old, the bottom line seems clear: a good night's sleep is essential!"

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