Boxed set

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a boxed set: a kit, a pack, a group of items in a box
We are offering our boxed set of three CDs at half price.

a box: a cube-shaped container; a square shape on a two-dimensional image
a mailbox a letterbox (UK), a box outside a person's house where post is delivered

to box : to fight someone (in the sport of boxing)


  • "Employee : Box!"
  • "You can come out of the box!"
  • "You can go back to your box now."
  • "(For reasons of decency, I added the box to Framboise's diagram)."
  • "Your performance on memory tests has impressed me from afar, and truly, when you checked the box marked 'No need to review', it was then that I realized I could no longer keep my deep admiration for you a secret."
  • "All I know is I've got a box of them and some of them are very urgent!"
  • "Highlights include a slow-motion video of the artist giving birth, and a sculpture of an electric chair made entirely out of egg boxes."
  • "In a box."
  • "Joan : Horatio, what's that strange glowing box they're watching?"
  • "Before we get started, I'd like to remind you that tomorrow's activities include camel boxing, camel racing, and of course the camel swimsuit competition!"

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