Definition Break

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to break (something): to damage (something), to make (something) stop working or functioning
Who broke my computer? Now it doesn't work, I can't do anything with it!

This is an irregular verb:
I break / I broke / I have broken

a break: a pause, an interruption, a rupture, an interval
Pronunciation examples
UK: Shall we take a break for five minutes?
US: I broke my computer last night. I'm always breaking things.


  • "Voice : Who dares disturb the Illuminati during our lunch break?"
  • "Why did you break a chair on my head?"
  • "Edward : I think I broke my chakra."
  • "The nose is broken."
  • "Your business card was attached to the patient's buttocks with chewing gum. He refuses to reveal his name, and broke a fire-extinguisher during check in."
  • "Edward : I think you broke my appendix, sir."
  • "Did you have your heart broken?"
  • "Although the media has been banned from the meetings, sources have reported yelling, dogs barking, and numerous bottles breaking during the negotiations."
  • "'Cause that would break my heart."
  • "My AC unit is broken!"

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