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(What do you eat for) breakfast?: (What do you eat as) the first meal of the day?
Breakfast is composed of the words "break" and "fast". The term "breakfast" literally refers to "breaking" or ending a "fast" (a period in which nothing is eaten).

to fast: to eat nothing for a period of time
to break a fast: to eat something after a period of time of eating nothing


  • "I want breakfasts included."
  • "Philip : Just as soon as I'm finished spitting this important message: "Must use toilet immediately, ate burrito for breakfast."
  • "What did you have for breakfast yesterday?"
  • "Tonight we're going to reminisce about some of the moments that have made Funky Friday a nutritious part of your Gymglish breakfast month after month."
  • "Horatio : I want yak for breakfast."
  • "-What about breakfast?"
  • "Perhaps we could meet for breakfast?"
  • "- We've had one, yes, what about second breakfast?"
  • "- Breakfast is available at a small extra charge (£7)."
  • "You have worn funny hats, taken 17 shots of vodka for breakfast, and purchased 73 Russian dolls."

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