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a (sea) breeze: a light, gentle wind (by the sea)
After the blazing heat of this morning, the light breeze feels nice.

Some idiomatic expressions that use breeze:

it's a breeze it's very easy or simple
to shoot the breeze to talk, to chat


  • "Bruno : You know it's funny, I didn't even know we had a "gold label edition" of "Bordello Breeze" in circulation, and usually I'm the one who gives final approval for our fragrance production."
  • "Bordello Breeze (Gold Label)"
  • "The boxed set will feature three vintage Delavigne perfumes: "Moulin Magic", "Paris by night" and the new gold-label edition of "Bordello Breeze"."
  • "I am writing to you because I have a bit of a problem. Due to a production oversight in our Paris manufacturing plant, we have an enormous surplus of last year's fragrance "Bordello Breeze"."
  • "Bordello Breeze $18,020"
  • "Philip : Ah, but what you carry is the regular edition of "Bordello Breeze", this is the gold label edition, exclusively packaged within a unique collector's item boxed set."
  • "Bordello Breeze?"
  • "The new "Bordello Breeze" has an entirely different aesthetic to it."
  • "We label all the bottles with high-quality, low-cost labels manufactured by one of our Asian production partners, and designate this perfume as a "special limited edition" of "Bordello Breeze"."
  • "Bordello Breeze: last quarter you ordered 50,000 units."

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