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brief: short, concise, succinct
I'll keep this brief. I'll only tell you what is absolutely necessary.

to brief (someone) on (a situation): to give (someone) instructions or information about (a situation)
to be well briefed to be well informed

a brief: a short document or set of instructions
Pronunciation examples
UK: I'll keep this brief.
US: Bruno briefed Brian on the new proposal.


  • "Here is a brief sampling of dreams from our lists"
  • "You will introduce yourself, and give a brief description of your role in your corporation."
  • "Here is my assessment of your issues following our brief encounter."
  • "Before we begin, let us observe a brief moment of silence in the honour of her majesty the queen of England."
  • "Further to our conversation, here is a brief summary of the current policy you hold with Ouch Insurance."
  • "I'll be brief, as we're both busy people: You are the father of my child."
  • "Here's what we'll do: I'll send you a brief of what we're looking for, then you can work on a tune, and we'll meet in 24 hours to review it."
  • "So if you can just write me a brief, and I emphasize the word "brief", summary of your work day, I'll pick it up when I return."
  • "Susie, I want you to brief some graphic designers."
  • "A brief Q+A session will follow the press conference."

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