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(to be) calm: (to be) tranquil, serene, peaceful
Even though the snake was sliding slowly up my leg, I tried to stay calm. It was difficult but I tried to remain in a tranquil state.

to calm down: to stop feeling upset, angry or excited; to become tranquil, serene


  • "Trey : Please try to stay calm, Miss."
  • "Icarus : You've been blessed with a calm temperament, Brian."
  • "Announcer : It's a calm evening and the General is relaxing in front of a fire with his favourite monkey, Giuseppe."
  • "MacCheeter : Alright everyone, calm the $&%# down!"
  • "I prefer calm, relaxing music with bells and triangles."
  • "All is calm -"
  • "Keep calm."
  • "I have included an audio file of the patient during one of his calmer periods."
  • "I've developed a deep understanding of human reactions, which makes me the ideal candidate to interact with customers in a professional, calm and composed fashion."
  • "Children, please try to keep calm. We're almost finished with the tour."

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