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to catch a flight: to travel in an airplane
Even though there was a lot of traffic, I still managed to catch my flight. I'm pleased I didn't miss the plane!

a flight: a journey in an airplane


  • "Call 1-800-SPACE-BASE now and reserve your flight!"
  • "I have impulsively decided to cancel the private plane flight with Horatio planned for this month."
  • "Requires a huge wingspan and is not ideal for night flights."
  • "I will be flying on Lucky Duck Air (flight number: LUK 7453), and arriving in Hong Kong Wednesday evening at 9.45pm. My reservations, at the Shangri-La Hotel, are from Wednesday until the following Tuesday."
  • "In the event of a layover due to a delayed flight, hotel accommodation will be provided within the airport."
  • "Although I don't own a rifle, I'm pretty sure they're not allowed on commercial flights."
  • "How was your flight?"
  • "Brian : She was on the first flight from L."
  • "Pilot : G'day everyone and welcome aboard Billabong Airlines Flight 172 to Sydney, Australia."
  • "Not only are private plane flights expensive and wasteful, but Horatio is terrified of machines, with the exception of his juicer."

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