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to cause: to make happen, to provoke, to generate, to produce
The extreme weather is caused by global warming.
An accident caused me to be late for work. I was late for because there was a car crash.

(lung cancer is often) caused by (smoking): (lung cancer is often) provoked by (smoking)

a cause: a reason, a motive
Alcohol is the cause of many accidents.
We're trying to raise money for a good cause, this is a great charity.

Pronunciation examples
UK: What caused the accident?
US: The good news was a cause for celebration.
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  • "We devote our lives to your cause."
  • "There will be a rumor about a product causing health problems.."
  • "-Our server is at 99.9% full capacity, which causes significant delay in sending and receiving messages."
  • "Covers injuries that you cause to someone else."
  • "This is a very real cause that both of us have a very personal connection to."
  • "Perhaps the benefits of the internet outweigh any damage it may cause to the environment?"
  • "I have your cause of death listed as a heart attack."
  • "I've caused a paper jam. What do you say to me?"
  • "His heart attack was caused by high blood pressure brought on by his high-stress job."
  • "If any of you believe that you have cause for firing an employee, or are considering the possibility of firing an employee, please discuss it with the HR department first."

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