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to choose: to select, to prefer, to opt for
You have got to choose. Is it me or is it her?
There are three options to choose from: big, medium or small.

This is an irregular verb:
I choose / I chose / I have chosen


  • "Philip : It's the life we've chosen Harold."
  • "I choose my expressions for the day when I get dressed each morning."
  • "To smell just right, there's a huge range of scents to choose from. Our fragrance expert at Vague magazine is here to help you choose from 3 of the best."
  • "To help us better deal with your complaint, please choose from the following menu"
  • "We haven't chosen yet."
  • "Remember, I have 2000 massage programs to choose from, including a happy ending algorithm."
  • "Congratulations on choosing Slick Brand Solutions to help repair your company's shattered reputation following your truly embarrassing nude photo leak."
  • "I'm not sure why he would choose to live there - from what I've read, it seems like nothing but large black bears and rough lumberjacks."
  • "Good luck in piecing them together and ultimately choosing the most suitable candidate for the job (whatever it is)."

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