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to circle (around something): to go around, to walk around, to surround, to encompass (something)

a circle: a ring, a disc, a round, a hoop
She drew around the bottom of a glass to make a perfect circle.


  • "Bruno : The two squares were covered by a dark blue circle."
  • "Announcement : Ladies and Gentlemen, we regret to inform you that there are severe delays on the Hammersmith and City line, Circle and District line and the Central line."
  • "Of the many trendy movements gaining popularity within elitist circles, the "local food" movement may have the most momentum. The term describes the growing preference of some consumers to eat only locally or regionally-produced food rather than food which has traveled great distances before arriving on their plate."
  • "Bruno : Well, I loved the one with the squares and then the circles."
  • "Art dealer : You mean the circle was behind the squares?"
  • "Art dealer : All of Plazbo's paintings feature squares and circles."
  • "Trotter, best known for his incredible feats of magic, adorable little smile and the bizarre lightning-shaped scar on his forehead, was arrested after police found the boy circling drunkenly around Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square."
  • "The dark blue circle was in front of the squares, in the foreground."

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