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a client: a customer, a consumer, a buyer

the clientele: the collective term for clients, customers, the market, the public


  • "I was on the phone with a very important client, about to close a six-figure deal, when Stink attacked my leg."
  • "-So, how's my favorite client?"
  • "Secondly, I have met with all of our major clients to let them know about Bruno's leave of absence."
  • "other times to receive clients."
  • "Champion of client relations and B2B strategy innovator"
  • "Everything depends on billing - how many hours you spend even thinking about a client."
  • "She foolishly tried to steal my best client, so I shot her in the back of the head with a paintball gun."
  • "We are so lucky to have clients like you, and we thank you for your loyalty and custom this year and we look forward to working hand in glove with you again in 2016."
  • "Your boss and client"
  • "I screamed at him to stop, and said 'you son of a bitch', which is technically true, but my client thought I was talking to him!"

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