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close (to): near, next, adjacent (to); good friends, friendly, intimate (with)
The pharmacy is close to the market; you can walk from one to the other in 2 minutes.
Bruno and Susie are very close; they have known each other for years.
Close by in the area, around, nearby
-Is there a gas station close by? -Yes, just around the corner.
Note:: Take care not to confuse it with to close (to shut, to lock).


  • "The genetic markers are not even close ."
  • "Operator : Those dates are very close together."
  • "Too close!"
  • "One of Philip's closest colleagues, and least close friends, Brian Jones, will now say a few words about Philip's life."
  • "You should know that storing psychedelic, poisonous and alcoholic material in close proximity to cosmetic products is a major safety hazard."
  • "not too close!"
  • "Pity colleagues in close proximity'."
  • "We'll be so close to the stage, we won't even need to use opera glasses!"
  • "I was on the phone with a very important client, about to close a six-figure deal, when Stink attacked my leg."
  • "Philip : I am a close personal friend of Bruno Delavigne."

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