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a club: a group of people with a common purpose; a disco

(He hit the robber with) a club: (He hit the robber with) a heavy, blunt weapon

to club (someone): to beat or repeatedly hit (someone) with a heavy, blunt weapon


  • "What am I going to do with a football club?"
  • "Mach 20 Flying Club"
  • "Ah, here we are: It is my desire to bequeath the football club, Real Fudgenudge FC, to my grandson."
  • "Icarus : I was president of the French club in high school."
  • "We're going salsa dancing at the Spanish club."
  • "Thanks, Mrs Bentley, we will be keeping the football club."
  • "Passport, driver's license, utility bill, library card, video club card, Christmas card from my mother, the key to the city."
  • "Suffice to say, this club is not to be taken lightly;"
  • "The Movers and Shakers Foundation cordially invites you to the 12th annual Entrepreneur Business Network Event: 17 May, 7:00PM - 11:00PM, The Bohemian Club, San Francisco."
  • "Last seen : Exiting clubhouse of San Francisco Olympic Club with dog-walker."

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