Come across

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to come across (a document): to find, to see, to discover (a document)
I came across a copy of your birth certificate the other day. I didn't know you were born in Beirut.

to come across (somebody, some problems): to encounter, to meet, to run into, to chance upon (somebody, some problems)
I came across my kindergarten teacher on the street last week. I hadn't seen him for 24 years!


  • "In my 17-odd years as an efficiency expert, I have yet to come across an individual quite like Icarus Quincy."
  • "One of my assistants came across your application for a building permit last week."
  • "Philip : I also came across a truly riveting article in the "Crawl Street Journal" about international outsourcing in central Europe."
  • "Some of the girls have also complained to me about the number of dead mice they have been coming across."
  • "You might also have come across an e-mail with the subject: "Delavigne mail server (urgent!"
  • "I'll play the part of a typical customer you might come across."
  • "Herbert : I'm afraid we came across a few problems halfway through the film."

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