Definition Come from

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(Where did this car) come from?: (Where did this car) appear from, emerge from, originate?

Where do you come from?: Where were you born? Where do you live?


  • "We don't get many gays where I come from."
  • "And I was always wondering where the baby pigeons come from. Maybe they come from the sky."
  • "Our first question comes from Lauren, in beautiful Swaziland."
  • "Critics claim that the best ingredients don't always come from your region and that transport is only one element of a food's environmental impact."
  • "Where did you come from?"
  • "Susie, our next question comes from Gary from Tokyo."
  • "Coming from a long lineage of pilots, Donny Dare's passion for flying started at the age of five, when he accompanied his father on bombing missions for the RAF during World War II."
  • "And I was wondering, where do baby pigeons come from?"
  • "This is where many of our most powerful fragrances come from. Knock knock, Horatio?"

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