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common: normal, frequent, ordinary, regular
Chang is a very common name in China.
We have a friend in common, his name is Chang, I think he was my friend before yours though.
And now Chang will answer a few commonly-asked questions. And now Chang will answer a few frequently-asked, regular questions.
Dr. Chang told me that it's common for men of my age to start losing their hair.


  • "It's becoming a common condition here, due to our increased exposure to ultraviolet radiation."
  • "Isn't a pizza company a bit common?"
  • "Woman on cassette tape : Premature ejaculation is a common condition."
  • "This kind of thing is common in rugby."
  • "The most common way to become a manager is to be given a promotion, often at the expense of your colleagues who think they deserve the position more than you."
  • "Studies show that the current "traffic light" labelling system - red, amber and green labels representing the amounts of salt, sugar, and fat - for foods on sale in supermarkets is reasonably common, but not effective enough in reducing obesity."
  • "Is that a common American name?"
  • "It is also quite common for management positions to be given to friends and relatives of the boss, a practice that is called "nepotism"."
  • "This sort of anecdote is becoming more and more common."
  • "I see you share a common tongue."

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