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complimentary: free of charge, given for free; favorable
The adjective complimentary frequently precedes a noun:

The company offered the employee a complimentary trip to Hawaii.
-Please have some of our complimentary peanuts -Free peanuts? Great!.

In a different context, complimentary also means 'favorable, commendable, positive or praiseworthy':

The journalist said complimentary things about us in his article.

Pronunciation examples
UK: He embarrassed me with his complimentary remarks about my legs.
US: He offered me a complimentary ticket to the concert.
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  • "Edward : Just send the package back and we will ship out a replacement immediately, along with a complimentary bottle of TigerLily to show that we are truly sorry about any inconvenience caused."
  • "The benefits of business class include complimentary champagne, warm towels upon request, and shiatsu massages every three hours."
  • "The flight includes complimentary pretzels and two napkins."

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