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a concert: a gig, a performance, a recital, a show
Pronunciation examples
UK: The concert begins at 8pm, don't be late!
US: Elkie Johns will be doing several concerts in France!
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  • "Tell me, in the words that you have, how did the concert make you feel?"
  • "Horatio : I went to a concert last night."
  • "I am supposed to be going to an Elkie Johns concert tonight but I can't go."
  • "You'll have to find someone else to go to your concert."
  • "Please, get in touch with Charlie (I no longer have any record of his number but I'm hoping you still have it written down somewhere) and explain that I will be unable to attend the concert tonight."
  • "I can't believe you didn't call me at the Elkie Johns concert last night."
  • "Subject: Charlie and the concert!"
  • "Gospel practice on Saturday, concert on Sunday"
  • "Bruno : A concert?"
  • "You are all invited to the staff canteen at 1.30pm today for a concert of Christmas Carols with special guest, Horatio Oléré, on vocals (and me on piano)!"

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