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to connect: to join, to link, to attach, to unite
My laptop at home is connected to the company's network, so my boss can see exactly what I'm doing.
You can connect this phone to the socket with this cable.
Our media campaign this year is aiming to connect with teenage voters. To achieve this connection we are using a rapper in the ads.
I feel very connected to my brother. We sometimes know what the other is thinking.


  • "Please treat Hannah with respect: when you go under her desk to check the cables, don't check to see if her legs are properly connected too."
  • "Don't connect for the next fifteen to twenty minutes."
  • "Connect power unit to headset."
  • "The burner is connected to a big flame"
  • "The vial is connected to a burner"
  • "Connect appropriate wire to USB or Firewire port of computer."
  • "connect her to the nearest printer, and make sure that her Internet is working."
  • "Caller : Son of a – Look, can you please just connect me to extension number seventeen-sixty-four."
  • "It's freezing in San Francisco and you think it's connected to global warming?"
  • "Harold Warbuckle : The theory of "Six Degrees of Separation" says that any person on the planet is connected to any other person through six relationships."

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