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a (telephone) connection: a (telephone) line, link; an ability to make contact via (telephone)

a connection: a rapport, a relationship, a link, an association

a disconnection: a separation, an interruption of a connection


  • "It's obvious to me that the artist was trying to convey his sense of deep disconnection from this postmodern world."
  • "* We cannot guarantee that an engineer will ever visit your home to set up the internet connection."
  • "Chapter 10: The Warbuckle Connection - Guns, Trucks and Cowboy hats"
  • "But having the right connections isn't."
  • "A connection between the recent animal incidents has not yet been established;"
  • "Subject: RE: Love Connection"
  • "This is a very real cause that both of us have a very personal connection to."
  • "A man who has connections all over the world."
  • "Next Tuesday at 3:45, we will be receiving a visit from Lucie M Lohan, heiress to the Lohan fortune and a prospective investor with major connections."
  • "Detectives have not made any connection between the trousers and the assault, and are still looking for clues."

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