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I will consider this: I will think about, contemplate this
I'll consider your proposal; I'll think about it and give you my answer tomorrow.

to consider: to think about, to take into account; to regard, to view
We have only had the dog for 2 weeks, but already we consider him to be part of the family.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm considering starting my own business.
US: He's considered to be the best chef in France.


  • "Have you considered New Zealand?"
  • "Bruno : Edward, this food is considered a delicacy, and Jean wants to share his heritage with us!"
  • "Well, that's not something that we've ever considered."
  • "Anyhow, now that you're a wealthy person, I've been considering your future."
  • "Reporter : Would you consider being studied by professionals?"
  • "Scott : In any case, there's an important factor that you should consider."
  • "Today, these places are considered landmarks and represent the freedom with which San Francisco is traditionally associated."
  • "Ms. Lohan already sits on our board of trustees, however she is considering investing a large amount of capital in the company, which would allow us to finally purchase the island zoo that Horatio keeps asking for."

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