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to control: to have power, to direct, to influence


  • "Wang's father, Zhi Zhi Wang (aka the Black Hand of Shanghai) took control of the brewery in the Spring of 1985."
  • "Control Tower : This is Yankee Doodle Dandy control."
  • "Although I am your king, I want you to think of me as a really handsome friend, that controls your lives in every way."
  • "they control the media, the global economy, the press, the government, the weather and the menu at the Delavigne cafeteria."
  • "Founded in 1904 by longtime friends Alberto Dulce and Giovanni Carpaccio, D&C has been controlled by members of the respective families since the founders' deaths nearly 35 years ago."
  • "Yankee Doodle Dandy control."
  • "I suggest you contact the poison control center immediately."
  • "What does interest me is vertical integration: control from production to distribution."
  • "That way I can visit the region controlled by dangerous Zapatista rebels."

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