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a cost: a price, a charge, a monetary value
The total cost of the repairs will be approximately 2,000 euros.
The cost of living is high in Paris.
Get him to sign the contract, no matter the cost.
a cost benefit analysis a financial investigation into a project, to find out the costs involved and if it would be beneficial to the company
cost-effective economical, good value, money efficient

to cost: to have a price, to be valued at, to require payment
Note that this verb is irregular: cost/cost/cost

-How much does that sweater cost? -It costs 4 dollars.


  • "Steffi : Yes, the invoice states that each unit costs 29 dollars, however we agreed on a price of 31 dollars per unit."
  • "The ticket cost $4000, Icarus!"
  • "Return ticket only cost £12."
  • "Operator : The total cost will be."
  • "At the usual cost, of course."
  • "Cost: Cheap as chips"
  • "Cost: Quite expensive"
  • "Helen : Cryonic suspension of the whole body costs $200,000."
  • "For a small extra cost, passengers can choose to have some legroom and a seatbelt, and use the toilet facilities!"
  • "Your ticket cost 4000 dollars."

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