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to create (a clone of oneself): to make, to engineer, to invent (a clone of oneself)
God created heaven and earth. Amen.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I've created the most delicious cake ever.
US: Look Igor, I've created a monster!
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  • "Industrial Fruit Concern Inc. has stated that if they acquire the juice business, they plan to completely change the company culture and business model, create hundreds of soulless storefronts across the world, and pretty much ruin everything that made it unique."
  • "Created database of personnel using PurpleSoft Software"
  • "We want to create an advertisement for our product, Outback Cologne: something musical to accompany a television ad."
  • "Icarus : Stickypedia was created by Willy James in March 2002 - or November 2001 - depending upon which Stickypedia page you look at."
  • "I'm not sure how you work together, but sometimes a little friction can create a more positive work environment."
  • "I look forward to meeting the man capable of creating such a painting."
  • "The goal is to create understanding amongst your colleagues."
  • "And how do you create positive energy?"
  • "Me, because I'm unable to smell, and Horatio because he creates smells."
  • "Consequently, I have created a 'bucket list' of the things I hope to accomplish before dying, and have asked you to do the same."

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