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customs : the place where travelers' bags are examined for illegal goods, often at the border of a country
You will never get 25 bottles of Russian vodka through customs, Gordon. Put them back.
to clear customs to pass through a border check point successfully

(an interesting) custom: (an interesting) tradition, ritual, habit


  • "It has come to my attention that there is a live animal on this plane, and due to customs regulations, we will have to land the plane in Guatemala."
  • "Customs Agent : Monsieur Oleré?"
  • "Customs Agent : Passeports, s'il vous plaît."
  • "She's having some difficulty with US customs. Apparently her strong British accent caused customs officials to believe that she was a terrorist."
  • "Customs Agent : Oui."
  • "Customs Agent : Monsieur Quincy."
  • "Customs Agent : Did you bring cheese, vegetables or animals into the country?"
  • "Customs Agent : Ok, you're free to go."
  • "I have managed to smuggle some of my favorite French foods through customs, including a very smelly camembert that I have kept in my trousers."

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