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to cut: to divide, to separate (for example using a knife); to reduce, to make smaller; to remove
to cut costs to reduce expenditure
to cut ties to stop contacting a person
to cut ties

This is an irregular verb:
I cut / I cut / I have cut

a cut (on the arm): an injury, often made with a knife (on the arm)
a tax cut a reduction in taxes
wage cuts a reduction in salary

the cut (of a suit): the style, the shape, the tailoring (of a suit)

to cut (a carrot) into small pieces: to divide (a carrot) into small pieces, to chop (a carrot)


  • "Your choice of fabric and cut, plus the tailoring work, comes to a total of."
  • "cutting things."
  • "Brian, I want you to take all cards and cut them using the scissors."
  • "Horatio : Yes it could be the alcohol, or the big cut in your head."
  • "In France, our national song is about cutting the throats of our enemies and drinking their blood."
  • "You cut down trees real fast, and you cut my grass just the way I like it."
  • "Horatio : Cutting what?"
  • "Like a surgeon, cutting for the very first time"
  • "I'll just cut here and here."
  • "You say it is cutting-edge art exhibition, so I cut."

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