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cute: adorable, pretty, sweet, attractive

(You think you're) cute, (don't you?): (You think you're) clever, smart, shrewd, (don't you?) (US)
Pronunciation examples
UK: I like bunny rabbits, they are cute.
US: I prefer cheerleaders, they are even cuter.


  • "Ooh, look at me, I'm a cute little doggy!"
  • "It's too bad really, I was looking forward to seeing you in one of those cute orange jumpsuits."
  • "You're cute!"
  • "And finally, to the author of the suggestion about the "cute little cashier", I suggest that you read pages 5 through 7 of your "Employee Code of Conduct" (see the section marked "Sexual Harassment")."
  • "They are genetically cuter than other babies."
  • "And finally, in more serious news, a cat in Tokyo has given birth to three kittens who have been judged the cutest kittens ever."
  • "You are so cute, yes you are!"
  • "Bruno insisted I have dinner with one of the Chinese business people who attended my presentation this afternoon: apparently she thought I had a "cute accent" when I spoke Mandarin."
  • "I think it's cute that you're nervous."
  • "Hannah : It's so cute!"

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