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a deal: an agreement, a transaction, an arrangement, a contract, an understanding
We have a deal. It's agreed.
to close a deal to sign, conclude or finish a contract or business agreement

to deal: to distribute, to sell, to give
This is an irregular verb:
I deal / I dealt / I have dealt

to deal with: to be in charge of; to handle, to manage
I will deal directly with the boss myself. I don't need anyone to help me with this.


  • "I was on the phone with a very important client, about to close a six-figure deal, when Stink attacked my leg."
  • "Ok, you've got a deal!"
  • "I have ten years' experience in the customer service field, as well as management experience in a local telemarketing firm. The challenging environments in which I've worked have taught me to think on my feet, communicate clearly and always remain polite and professional while dealing with callers."
  • "To help us better deal with your complaint, please choose from the following menu"
  • "Not only did I lose the deal, but Stink ruined my favorite pair of pants."
  • "Edward : We have a deal!"
  • "You have got yourself a deal!"
  • "Marlene : Okay, I'll sign a deal."
  • "You dealt with minor setbacks like Luna DeLune's absurd claim that her LunaBot "had bad energy" (we checked the voltage, she was fine)."
  • "I don't know where Edward learnt to deal with customers like that."

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