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to design: to create, to conceive, to invent
We are looking for an architect to design our new building.

a design: a drawing or plan which shows how something is to be made and how it will look
Your designs for this new ad campaign are impressive.


  • "It's a classic design, no doubt about that."
  • "The design is outdated and uncool."
  • "Susie : Bruno, Edward wants to know which artist designed the Delavigne logo."
  • "Its timeless design represents the enduring qualities of the Delavigne range."
  • "Edward : I appreciate your frustration, Mr Smith, but I'm afraid to say that Delavigne fragrances are not designed to light barbecues."
  • "This design is pretty suggestive, don't you think?"
  • "Susie : He wants to know why we're still using such an old-fashioned, amateurish design."
  • "The scarf measures 50cm in length and is designed to fit around the necks of most birds (except ostriches and emus, which require modified versions of the scarf)."
  • "Who designed it?"
  • "And our research and development team has some ideas for the design of the bottles."

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