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different: not the same, contrasting; unusual, unique; some, several

a difference: a contrast, a variation, a change; a balance


  • "But what is the difference between Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable?"
  • "There's something different about a man once his cock has been taken from him."
  • "Do not hesitate to watch something else on a different channel."
  • "I attended 4 out of 5 sessions before I had to invade Poland, but I'm sure that if I had finished the program, it would have made a big difference -Adolph H, Germany."
  • "The only difference is that you will be doing so without me."
  • "I applied a different perfume on this baby."
  • "Jean : In fact, I have a different proposal to."
  • "Mr. Oléré and I had very different visions for the company's future, and so we have decided to split up."
  • "I think we could all use a little break to get to know each other in a different setting than the office."
  • "He was acting strange, different, a little bit queer, I guess you could say."

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