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a discount: a reduced price, a price deduction, a special offer
This sweater has a hole in it, could you give me a discount? It costs $50 but can you sell it to me for less?
I bought this car at a discount. I bought this car for a lower price.
a bulk discount a reduction in price for buying many items

to discount: to reduce, to decrease the price, to sell for less money
We discounted all our inventory by 50%. We sold all our stock at half price.


  • "Discount @ 5%"
  • "Speaking to reporters earlier today, Mr. Cheeter said, "The discounts were all my idea."
  • "One solution may be increasing discounts and promotions this year."
  • "Total premium before discount"
  • "Hannah : I understand, but you know how Philip feels about discounts."
  • "Discount cosmetic products, run by a crazy guy, something like that?"
  • "Just for you a 30 percent discount on all units of Liquid Dynamite!"
  • "Hannah : Well, what about offering discounts on some of our products?"
  • "The record turnover is mainly due to an aggressive discount policy implemented by Delavigne's Head of Sales, Philip Cheeter."
  • "Icarus : Discounts?"

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