Definition Dodgeball

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dodgeball (game): a sport in which players try to eliminate their opponents by hitting them with a ball

a dodgeball (object): a ball used to play dodgeball

to dodge: to evade, to avoid, to move away from


  • "Dodgeball is played with two teams of 10 players;"
  • "Bruno : Well I am not sure, I am already sponsoring a dodgeball team this year but I have always wanted to get into the movie business."
  • "In any case, I'd like to introduce you to someone I think you all know, who's also a wizard at dodgeball."
  • "What is dodgeball?"
  • "I've asked her to write a feature about Team Delavigne in the dodgeball tournament."
  • "A regulation dodgeball is a rubber ball 8 and 1/2 inches in diameter;"
  • "Everyone is invited to exhibit their dodgeball skills at a special training session."
  • "Dodgeball's kind of a stupid game, isn't it?"
  • "With me, you will learn the five D's of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and."
  • "Dodgeball is a team game, and there's no "I" in team, as they say."

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