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(to have) a dream: (to have) a hope or aspiration; (to see) images in your imagination when sleeping
Sweet dreams. Have nice dreams! Sleep well!

to dream: to experience events and images in your mind while you are sleeping
This is an irregular verb:
I dream / I dreamed or dreamt / I have dreamed or dreamt

I've always dreamed of (being fluent in English!): I've always hoped to be or aspired to being (fluent in English!)


  • "Here is a brief sampling of dreams from our lists"
  • "I think this musical dream is a premonition - a "financial forecast"."
  • "I always dreamed of seeing you in my bedroom, but not like this."
  • "Jean : It was a nice sleep, I had a dream I was flying in space."
  • "Alan Woody : Okay everyone, our next comedian has been dreaming of a career in stand up comedy since she was a little girl."
  • "He is British, an aspiring musician and dreams of becoming a rock star."
  • "Congratulations, it will be a pleasure to transform your ridiculous dreams into a disturbing reality."
  • "Marlene : If you come with me, we can pursue my dream of performing stand-up comedy."
  • "Bruno : I'm sorry, Mrs. Yang, but Miracle Juices has been a dream of ours for nearly 2 months now, and I'm not willing to part with it so soon."
  • "Harold : Yeah, that's right, your dream!"

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