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to drop (something): to let (something) fall
Don't drop the soap.
I dropped my watch in the toilet and it doesn't work anymore.
Can we drop the subject? I'd like to talk about something else.

to drop (something or someone) off: to take (something or someone) to a place in a vehicle
I have to drop my mom off at the dentist before I go to work.

a drop (off): a reduction
The prices saw a big drop-off in June.

to drop 59%: to become smaller by, to reduce by, to lower by 59%
Pronunciation examples
UK: Could you drop me off at the mosque on your way to church?
US: Never, ever drop the soap in a prison shower.
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  • "Jackson : I'm going to drop the models on the floor, one by one."
  • "The stock just dropped half of a point while we were talking!"
  • "Drop your pants, mmkay?"
  • "I think you've dropped a sheet of paper."
  • "And as you must know, since those figures were published this morning, our stock has already dropped 5.67 points as of 3:20 pm New York time, according to my Raspberry portable device."
  • "then you drop."
  • "Philip : Ok, sales people, drop the phones for a minute and gather round the Sales King - me!"
  • "Klaus : Yes, drop us here and wait for us."
  • "I will not let my little Icarus suffer the same fate as my poor husband: stress is a very dangerous thing, and Icarus will be staying at home with me until his blood pressure drops."

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