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effectively: successfully, in a productive manner

(an) effective (method): (a) successful, productive, efficient (method), (a method) which gives good results
The term effective should be distinguished from efficient. An 'effective (process)' produces the desired effect or result, while an 'efficient (process)' is completed with minimum effort, energy, or waste.

effectiveness: capability, productiveness, how well something works
Pronunciation examples
UK: Our marketing campaign has been very effective.
US: Boys, we need to manage our workload more effectively.
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  • "In order to prevent the transmission of diseases in the workplace, I have put in place a new initiative that will encourage people to wash their hands after using the bathroom. I am reluctant to reveal too much information regarding the protocol as it may compromise its effectiveness."
  • "My name is Cheeter, Philip Cheeter: Director of sales at the Delavigne Corporation, generous, dynamic lover, and most recently, super effective FBI agent."
  • "Can a president truly be effective when he has to walk a small dog twice a day?"
  • "Accomplished interviewer and effective conflict manager"
  • "Although real medicine is also surprisingly effective."
  • "We will provide you with an effective plan and help create a green workplace that encourages environmental friendliness."
  • "Studies show that the current 'traffic light' labelling system - red, amber and green labels representing the amounts of salt, sugar, and fat - for foods on sale in supermarkets is reasonably common, but not effective enough in reducing obesity."
  • "Remember, you won't get anywhere in life if you don't communicate effectively."
  • "In the meantime, government researchers across Britain are waiting to see the effectiveness of this new policy."
  • "Icarus : Moreover, the money you pay into this plan is tax-free for now, and Delavigne matches part of what you contribute, so you effectively get free money!"

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