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to employ (a worker, a method): to hire, to recruit (a worker); to have as an employee; to use (a method)
We just employed a new Marketing Director. 20 people applied for the job, but she was the best candidate.
Delavigne employs 400 salespeople. Delavigne has 400 salespeople working for it.
How do you employ this expression? How do you use this expression?

an employee: a worker, a member of staff

an employer: a boss, a manager; a company, a business, a firm


  • "Employee : French Onion Soap!"
  • "And finally, to the author of the suggestion about the "cute little cashier", I suggest that you read pages 5 through 7 of your "Employee Code of Conduct" (see the section marked "Sexual Harassment")."
  • "Employee : No, "totally tubular tonic"!"
  • "Employee : Spongetime in Paris!"
  • "It seems that the new European president serves two masters: the people of the old continent as well as Delavigne, his employer for the past decade."
  • "Employee : Creamy Dreamy Cream!"
  • "Employee : Outside!"
  • "Employee : Eiffel Shower gel!"
  • "Employee : Skinternet!"
  • "Employee : Box!"

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